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Friday, October 06, 2006

Call of the Hornbills in Pangkor

On our descent from Bukit Tinggi, we made our way to Pangkor Island for a two-night stay from 26-28 September 2006. On our way, we stopped in Kuala Kubu Baru to visit Uncle Colin and Aunty Dolly, and we stopped in Teluk Intan to see the leaning clock tower.

[Give a few more years and it will be lying and not leaning]

We arrived on Pangkor Island at dinner time and we checked in at Coral Bay Resort. The next day saw us renting motorcycles (RM18 for the whole day) and zipping round the island in search of places of interest. We managed to visit the Dutch Fort, Sacred Rock, Fu Lin Kong temple (with its mini Great Wall of China) and Satay Factory. We also stopped at a few of Pangkor's famed beaches.

[The Dutch Fort: It looks better in the older Pangkor brochures than it is now]

[Optical Illusion... or someone shrunk the Great Wall]

[At the Satay Factory: Fish fillets being dried before being smothered in sauce]

[Pangkor Lai Fun: Lai Fun (thicker version of the laksa noodle) in anchovy soup]

[Pasir Bogak Beach: This beach brings back lots of childhood memories]

The highlight of our stay was to see the hornbills. Their calls could be heard from the hills on the island. We saw quite a few of them perched on trees by the roadside.

[The Pangkor Hornbill: See them on the trees or drop by the Sea View Hotel at around 6.00-6.30pm as they feed on cut fruits left out by the hotel staff]

Review: An enjoyable stay since we hardly visited Pangkor of late. We found our "food hunt" interesting, i.e. the Lai Fun lunch at Sungai Pinang Kecil and dinner at the stalls of Taman Seri Pangkor (located between Pangkor town and Pasir Bogak. Lots of shops selling dried seafood, satay-ed products and souvenirs - visit one and you have probably visited them all :o).

1 comment:

Peter & Gladys Liew said...

i love the first photo, look like the tower of Piza, hehehe