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Thursday, October 05, 2006

High Hill Holiday

On 25 September 2006 (Monday), we checked out a place we've never been to before - Bukit Tinggi (now called Berjaya Hills). My sister Aileen joined us on this trip.

Our journey began on a wet morning, but thankfully the sun smiled on us as we progressed. We checked in at our two-room apartment at about noon and the overall climate was cool. Lunch was a 12-inch pizza costing RM35.

The main attractions here are Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Tea House, Botanical Garden, Rabbit Park, and the Bukit Tinggi Golf Club. A day trip to the first three attractions would cost you RM16. Guests at the resort are given complimentary passes.

[Bart at the entrance of Colmar Tropicale]

[Wandering along the streets of Colmar Tropicale]

[Highland Bookworms: We just couldn't resist browsing at the open air magazine corner]

[To enter the Japanese Tea House, you have to pay RM20 for a tea ceremony. Taking a photo on the steps would suffice, thank you :o)]

[Pretty pink flowers at the Botanical Garden]

What did we do there? Well... besides visiting the attractions, we watched a short stage show at Colmar Tropicale, played pool and went bowling.

Review: If you're looking for an activity-filled holiday, this is probably not the ideal place. If you're open to simply enjoying the landscaping and relaxing, you can consider Bukit Tinggi.

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