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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mutiara Western Delight

This evening we had Ivan and Sim Yee (Ivan please correct us if we've got it wrong *pai seh*) over for dinner. As usual, we had a western fusion meal. This time, the main dish was baked tumeric and lemon-grass chicken in mixed-fruit sauce, stir-fried lotus root and Angie's Secret Recipe mashed potatoes. Dessert was La Cremeria Almond Pecan Praline ice-cream courtesy of our guests. Beverage was a choice of strong Nescafe coffee au lait and Siaw Yet Kam chinese tea.

[Main dish: Baked Tumeric and Lemon-grass Chicken in Mixed-Fruit Sauce]

We'll leave you with a photo of our Rex Milano buns.

[King of Milan: The pizza-smelling bread]


Anonymous said...

The food looks heavenly! Do you mind sharing your recipe for the tumeric chicken and the rex milano buns?

Bart said...

anonymous: Am afraid I can't provide accurate measurements because Angie & I cook 'by feeling' :o). But ingredients for tumeric chicken marinade: tumeric powder, 1 stalk serai (smashed), sesame seed oil, chinese cooking wine, and salt. Chicken is baked in oven for about 45 mins at 200C. For gravy: serai from the marinade (recycle), tumeric powder, oyster sauce, light soy sauce (kicap), mixed fruit (those used in cakes/buns), garlic, onions, and corn starch for thickening.

For the Rex Milano bread, we bought it in a bread mix from the Baker's Paradise at the Batu Lanchang afternoon market.

SiaoChaBoa said...


Peter & Gladys Liew said...

bart next time wan to go makan good things give me a call la .. hehehehe


5xmom said...

Yum yum, did not know Bart can bake, cook and he plays the organ and can sing very, very well too.

Bart said...

Peter & Gladys: okay-lah... give you chance... will find a suitable time to invite you over to our place for makan-makan. But for now, you better prepare for the 'big day' yah?

5xmom: *kembang...*