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Friday, March 25, 2005

Kong-Kong's Resting Place

On Palm Sunday (20 March 2005), we collected Kong-Kong's ashes from the crematorium. Mummy, Yee Yee and Sam Yee had, a few days earlier, bought a beautiful ceramic urn. It was bluish-green in colour with chinese floral motif.

After the crematorium staff secured the urn with a bright red ribbon, we then took a short drive to the Western Road cemetary. Six new niches were prepared at Poh-Poh's grave. We had a brief ceremony at the grave and Kong-Kong was laid to rest.

[Kong-Kong's resting place: Kong-Kong's niche is the one with the freshly laid cement]

Kong-Kong... rest in peace. Amen.


Peter & Gladys Liew said...

angie, pls give me more information on the western road cemetary, we talk on next week sat in EE meeting okie .. thanks

Peter said...


5xmom said...

Happy Easter Angie and Bart! As if I can't wish you guys in person. Hahaha.

I have never been to a Christian wedding or funeral before. So, looking at your Kong Kong's resting place, is a nice intro on the simplicity and yet meaningful ceremony. God bless!

Bart said...

Peter Liew: More info about the cemetary? I very scared of what you're going to ask-lah... ;o)

Peter Tan: Amen

5xmom: Happy Easter... once you're in cyberworld, this is not surprising. And yah, Christian ceremonies are pretty straight to the point and very meaningful.