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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

8 more buns

Last night Bart had another attempt at bread-making. This time he added some bread improver to the Rex Milano breadmix. The crust is a little firm, unlike those buns you buy from our bakeries, where the whole bun is soft. It has a strong English Herb/Oregano flavour and makes you think you're having pizza! We had it plain, of course, because you don't normally add butter and jam (or any other bread spread) to your pizza!

let's see...the texture is soft on the inside, with a firm crust on the outside like most buns you get in Europe...and the taste is very Italian... and since the name suggests that this would be the King of Milan,... I declare this bread project a SUCCESS for the baker!!! *applause, applause*

Where's the picture? Still in the making...stay tuned.

P/S Bart's at choir practice now, so this is a surprise entry for him to read.

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