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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Julian at 90 Months

Julian turned 90 months old on 28 November 2014.

As I was driving home with Julian after picking him up from school, I informed him about his piano lesson.
Me: Julian, you don't have piano lesson tonight because your music teacher is sick.
Julian: Yes, I know!
Me: You mean you already knew that there is no lesson?
Julian: Yah!
Me: How did you know?
Julian: It's all in my brain!
Me: ?!?!

As I arrived home with Julian after his music class "prediction", I attempted to park out (normally, if I think I'm first to arrive home, I'd try to park out (at the common parking area) so that the other car can be parked in our allotted parking lot). As I turned around a tight blind corner, I suddenly spotted the other car, i.e. I should have headed straight to our allotted lot.
Me: Ah! Mummy had already parked out!
Julian: Daddyyyyy!
Me: How would I have known Mummy had parked out? I could not see around the bend, could I?!
Julian: It's all in your brain!
Me: ?!?!

[Julian in a funny pose]

[Julian with his mango-flavoured ice-ball]

[Julian on a canon (on the College General Major Seminary grounds)]

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