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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Julian at 88 Months

Julian turned 88 months old on 28 September 2014. Here are some noteworthy conversations.

Julian was busy showing me his expertise in Ninja Kaka when all of a sudden he says, "Don't listen to the Devil". Surprised, I asked him to clarify. It turned out that it was something he heard during Sunday mass the day before (Julian is the type who is always fidgety during mass).

Julian conversing (or rather shouting) to a neighbour friend two floors above our unit (for all other neighbours to hear *roll eyes*)...
Friend: Julian!
Julian: Hi! HH kor kor!
Friend: What are you doing?
Julian: Homework! What are you doing?
Friend: Homework also! How much of homework do you have?
Julian: Two pieces!
Friend: OK, Bye!
Julian: Bye!
Julian then turns to me...
Julian: HH kor kor is doing his homework also... strange huh?!
Me: ??!?

[No parking!]


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