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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Justin is 3 Years Old!

Happy Birthday, Justin! Justin celebrated his 3rd birthday on 25 July 2012.

His birthday celebration was in three parts, just like Julian's. First, he celebrated in kindy on 20 July. Then we had a birthday lunch for him at Sea Palace restaurant on 21 July 2012. On his actual birthday, we lit a candle on a cake which his aunt gave and sang him a birthday song.

[Justin's Barney cake for kindy]

[Justin's "Henry" birthday cake]

[Justin's birthday lunch at Sea Palace]

[A simple celebration on his actual birthday]

Here are his updates:
  • He's very cheeky and would deliberately give wrong answers to questions. For example, when we ask him his age, he would say he's 4 years old. When quizzed again, he would then say 6 years old!
  • On and off, he would substitute the words of the songs he knows with other words. He learnt this from us... we used to tease him by purposely singing wrongly. He used to protest (still does sometimes) but now he joins in the fun of changing the words ;-)
  • One afternoon at the babysitter's, when the babysitter was tending to Julian in the toilet, Justin locked them in! Apparently, it was rather dark except for some light coming in from the ventilation holes, so Julian was wailing. Luckily the lock was of the plastic latch-type, so the babysitter could just force the door open quite easily.
  • He likes doodling and tracing dotted lines.
  • He can write 'J' and '1'.
  • He would copy almost everything Julian says and does. Sometimes it can be quite confusing for us... especially when we can't understand what he's saying. One example is that he always asks "Why you smell (as/at/like) *a particular word or phrase*?" (e.g. Why you smell door?") We discovered that he meant "How do you spell *word/phrase*?", copying Julian.
  • He likes to question. His favourite questions are "What happen?" and "Because why?"
  • He says black is ugly.
  • He is quite defiant. When we ask him to say something, he would 'comply' but be defiant at the same time. For example, when we ask him to say "Sorry Kor-kor", he would say "sorry, Julian". Sometimes when we ask him to apologise to a particular person, he would apologise to another person!
  • He will retaliate when 'provoked'. We were informed that he scratched another child in school, but found out that the child actually 'irritated' him. The child likes him and often hugs him, but Justin doesn't quite like being hugged too much...
  • He is quite protective of Jianna. He makes sure Jianna is in the car before we leave when fetching the children. He would not 'allow' Jianna to spend the night with grandaunt. Why? She has to sleep on the bouncinette. (He learnt the response from Julian.)
  • Food-wise: still no veggie/fruit :-( He has started to take a little bit of meat/fish when in the mood.
[Justin and his toys]

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