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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jianna at 4 Months

Jianna was 4 months old on 30 July 2012. Her visit to the clinic was on 8 August. No jab this month :-) She now weighs 6.7kg and her length is 66cm.

Here are her updates:
  • We heard her laugh for the first time on 11 July 2012 although the teachers at her daycare had already heard her laughing before.
  • Her neck is much stronger now and she can lift her head when placed on her tummy. She has also started "sky diving" (also 11 July 2012).
  • She can support herself on her arms/elbows quite well now.
  • She often sleeps on her tummy. She would turn over by herself while sleeping.
  • She enjoys playing peekaboo.
  • Her milk intake at day care seems to have dropped. She used to take 8oz but now only does 6oz. She almost never takes a feed in the morning, preferring to sleep instead.
  • She is able to burp on her own.
  • Her teacher reported that she would watch intently when the other children sing and play. She seems to enjoy the music.
  • She likes to watch her brothers at play and would even laugh at their antics.
  • She responds when her brothers play with her :-)
  • She may have sensitive skin on the face. We discovered that her 'milk rash' was probably due to her being sensitive to the bedsheet she was using at daycare. Now we give her a sarong to use there and the situation has improved.

[Jianna lifts her head]

[Jianna laughs]

[Whatever these are, they're really delicious!]

[Hmm... but this one tastes rather strange...]


jennvaz said...

She is growing really fast and well! And she is adorable too. Hope to play with her before she becomes a toddler

mNhL said...

oooo .... i love her hairs! Just like my daughter, she got lots of hair at birth.