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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Julian at 62 Months

Julian is now 62 months (28 July 2012).

Here are his updates:
  • We taught him how to read price tags, so he's now happily reading the prices of things whenever he gets the opportunity.
  • He continues to read sign boards along the roads. Since he's now learning Malay, when he comes across words he doesn't understand, he would ask us whether it is English or Bahasa, and then the meaning. Recently when passing by a shopping complex he saw the word 'PERCUMA'. When he was told the meaning, he said, "Just put the things in the trolley." We quickly explained that only parking there was for free and not the goods! Must be careful... don't want to be caught for shoplifting!
  • He likes to ask us how to spell words.
  • He likes to ask us addition of numbers especially on the clock in the car. E.g. When the clock shows 8:21, he would ask 8+21 is how many?
  • He says black is ugly.
  • He seems to like to shout :-(
  • He is our 'bum sniffer' ;-) Sometimes we would ask him to help us check if Jianna has done big business ;-)
  • He is protective of Jianna. He threw a small tantrum when grandaunt teased him, saying Jianna would stay at her house while we went for lunch. He also wouldn't let Jianna spend a night at grandaunt's. When asked why, he said it's because Jianna came out from mummy's tummy :-)
  • He likes to try to make Jianna laugh :-)
  • He copies how Bart calls Jianna, e.g. Girl and Chabor (hokkien for girl) :-)
  • He is not very adventurous when it comes to food and often refuses to try new food :-(
  • Recently we ordered pizza and when the pizza was delivered, he told the delivery guy "no need the 'sorry we're late' card". (Luckily, they were not late that time.) When we asked him why, he said "because we already have". Hmmm... he's caught on our habit of not taking 'extra' stuff unnecessarily. But then again, there are certain things we don't mind having 'extras'... free pizza coupons being one of them!


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