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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Jianna's Jaundice

On 4 April 2012, the nurse who visited us at home recommended that we take Jianna for a blood test because she looked a little yellowish. The results indicated that her jaundice was back. Another blood test the next day showed exactly the same serum bilirubin level *sigh*. Will be back at the clinic again for another blood test on Monday.

The jaundice aside, Jianna is fine and so is Mummy Angie.

The boys are paying more attention to Jianna now, sometimes wanting to lend a hand when we carry her for a diaper change. Since we change her on the bed, their attention can often be chaotic. Between the two boys, Justin seems more affectionate towards the girl than Julian.

[Jianna (Photo taken by Grandma)]

[Jianna smiling in her sleep]

[Jianna's Angry Bird-look]

[Jianna: Mummy, when I'm done drinking, I'll show you my mitt like this...]

[Jianna: Daddy, when I need you to drive slowly, I'll show you my mitt like this...]


Anonymous said...

LOL! Angry bird look, haha..Good imagination! By the way, baby looks pretty and got big eyes and thick hair.

Chui Ying

SuperMom said...

She is so cute!!! Aww...looking at her makes me feel like having another baby.

Btw...was this planned? (curious)

Angie said...

SuperMom: What's stopping you? GO for it! And yes, we planned for Jianna :)