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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flu Fest

25 March 2012 saw the beginning of a season of sickness for us. The boys started coughing and were prescribed the usual cough medication. Coughing during the day was one thing but coughing during the night was really miserable because they coughed so hard that they vomit.

By 31 March 2012, there was no improvement and they were prescribed antibiotics. Their condition improved after about 5 days.

On 8 April 2012, Justin developed fever. Then on 12 April 2012, when Julian developed fever, they were both put on the second course of antibiotics.

When things couldn't seem to get any worse, Justin developed rashes all over his body. So, on the next day (13 April 2012), a visit to the peadiatician confirmed that he had a case of urticaria, but the cuase of it remains a mystery becuase it wasn't caused by the antibiotic. Fortunately, it lasted only 2 days after increasing his dosage of anti-histamine and applying some steroid cream.

During the fourth week, after their antibiotics ran out, they seemed to be coughing much less but the cough lingered on. Since Justin was more prone to coughing, we took him for yet another visit to the doctor on 20 April 2012. Since he was having fever, and had already had two courses of antibiotics, he was "reluctantly" put on a third course of antibiotics in view that the weekend was approaching,

While all these happened to the boys in the last four weeks, Angie and I were also nursing our own cough starting from around the second week. Jianna seemed to be unaffected, probably benefitting from antibodies from breast milk.

We were hoping the "flu fest" would end soon, but the situation just became worse.

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