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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Jianna Comes Home

Jianna was discharged on Monday (2 April 2012) after her jaundice subsided.

[Jianna and Mummy Angie leaving the hospital nursery]

[Jianna arrives home]

She was generally well-received by the boys, if not enthusiastically. Both showed interest when she made her presence felt, i.e. when crying for milk.

[Jianna, Julian, and Justin]

[Julian: Jianna, don't cry...]

[Justin: Jianna, how loud and how long can you cry?]

We prepared presents for Jianna to "present" to the boys. They were thrilled and spent the rest of the night playing with their new toys.

[Jianna: Julian kor-kor, here's a toy airplane, a Salty train (from Thomas & Friends) and a book on airplanes for you]

[Jianna: Justin kor-kor, here's a toy airplane, a Thomas train, and a Mavis train for you]

So far, she has generally been a good sleeper and suckler. We hope to settle into a routine soon.


SuperMom said...

Congratulations, Angie and Bart!!! Jianna is so cute - what an exotic name :)

She looks so sweet and if she's anything like our little "princess", she'll have a great set of lungs that'll give the boys (and the father) something to think about.

But Mummy will be one cool cat about it, I'm sure ;-)

pelf said...

Hi Angie and Bart, congratulations on your third bundle of joy! :D