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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Julian at 58 Months

Julian turned 58 months (4 years 10 months) on 28 March 2012.

Here are his updates:
  • He converses with Justin, and they also argue, now that Justin can talk.
  • He would correct Justin when the latter says something wrongly, or when he doesn't see whatever that Justin says he (Justin) saw.
  • He would periodically ask us to 'speak about Chinese/Bahasa', meaning he wants us to say whatever we were saying in Chinese/Malay.
  • He likes to read the bus numbers in Chinese and then wants us to say 'tuay' ('correct'in chinese) :-)
  • He sometimes tells us what he did during the day, especially when it is something out of his routine. This is progress to us, since he seldom divulged any info previously.
  • His teacher told us he reads with proper intonation and esxpression :-)
  • His attention span is improving. Apparently he can now sit with the other children during their school assembly. Previously he would be at the back and doesn't sit still.
  • He loves dancing. Current favourite: YMCA and Choco Latte (dances he learnt for his school concert in the past 2 years). He would turn on the music on the computer and start dancing to the tunes.
[Strumming the guitar]

[Getting a different point of view]

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