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Friday, March 30, 2012

Jianna's Arrival

We are happy to announce the birth of our third child - Jianna, on 30 March 2012. At birth, Jianna weighed 3.62kg or 8lb. She is 52cm in length with a head circumference of 34cm. She was delivered spontaneously at 40 weeks 3 days (3 days past due date).

Baby Jianna and Mummy Angie are fine. Jianna is the third grandchild for Angie's parents, and the fifth for my parents (3 boys and 2 girls).



ChloeRuoyi said...

Congratulations! Jianna is gorgeous. Very healthy birth weight too :)

YuNiq said...

After 2 boisterous boys, the graceful girl will definitely be THE most awaited addition! Congratulations :-).

Anonymous said...

Chubby face and nice looking bb. Congratulations for the arrival of your little princess!!!

Chui Ying