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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Visit to Malacca - Part 1

We visited Malacca from 12-15 February 2012. Mum and Dad came with us. It was our longest road trip with the boys so far. We began our journey from Penang on 11 February and stopped in Menglembu for the night.

On 12 Feb (Sunday), we started our journey at about 9.30am. We made a pit-stop in Tapah for a toilet break, then headed for Sungai Buluh where we had lunch. After lunch, we visited an uncle (Dad's fourth brother) in Damansara before continuing our journey. The boys slept in the car. Our next stop was the highlight of the day for the boys - KLIA. We went to the viewing gallery where the boys were totally thrilled to see so many aeroplanes :-) Then we headed on to our destination - Malacca. We arrived at about 6.15pm and 'checked-in' at Angie's aunt's apartment. Dinner was at a Malay eatery nearby. We were unaware of the Sunday night market along the road to the right of the apartment. We had turned left when we went out for dinner :-( By the time we saw it after dinner, it was not convenient to go anymore :-(

[At the KLIA viewing gallery]

On 13 Feb (Monday) we decided to take the boys to the Malacca Zoo in Ayer Keroh. Sorry, can't remember the entrance fees. Almost as soon as we entered the entrance of the zoo, there was a playground. Bad idea, Malacca Zoo! Justin, especially, was instantly attracted to the playground and didn't want to move on :-( We finally managed to coax him to move along promising a ride on the choo-choo train. However, being a weekday, the tram did not ply regularly. We had to wait for sufficient passengers before the tram moved. So we went to see the nearby exhibits and also the bird show before finally getting on the tram. It cost RM3 (adults) and RM2 (children 4 years & above). The tram is a great way to see the exhibits when you have young children or find walking difficult :-) It makes one 10-minute stop on the way so you can see the crocodiles and some birds in an aviary, which is difficult to see while on the tram. We arrived at the elephant show area (the tram's last stop) just in time for the show. After the show, we bought sugar cane (RM2 for 4 pieces) to feed the elephants and take photos with them. It was lunch time by then and we headed for the exit. Of course, we had to let the boys play at the playground before we could leave :-) After lunch we went back to the apartment to take a rest. The zoo is a good place to visit. The only snag (if you are not Malaysian) is that the animal shows were all conducted in Malay (We noticed some Westerners at the elephant show).

[Having a snack on the tram]

[Justin getting up close and personal with the elephant]

[Julian takes his turn feeding the elephant]

In the evening, we took the boys to the beach just opposite the apartment. They had a splashing, sandy good time there :-) Dinner was at another Malay eatery, where we sampled Roti John, which is one of Malacca's specialties.

[Having a dip in the Straits of Malacca]

[Roti John]

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