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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trapped in the Lift

During our Malacca trip, Julian had a fright of his life. He got trapped in the lift at the apartment!

First, let me state that there are two lifts servicing the apartment. We were going upstairs after dinner one night when it happened. Julian always wants to press the button to call for the lift - no problem. But the lift doors opened before the rest of us were ready to get in and instead of waiting for the rest of us, he walked straight into the lift by himself and the doors shut! We pressed the button outside the lift but the door to the other lift, which was also parked on the ground floor, opened instead. So, we asked him to press 'G' hoping the doors would open but it didn't either. We suspect that it's because the other lift was also parked at the ground floor.

Then we asked him to press '3'. Meanwhile, dad got into the other lift and headed for the 3rd floor. When we heard the lift stop at the 3rd floor we called out asking him to get out of the lift. But he didn't. By the time dad's lift arrived a little later, Julian's lift door had shut again. On the ground floor, we pressed the button to call for the lift and also perhaps since Julian had already pressed 'G' earlier (which presumably did not 'reset'), the lift came down to the ground floor again. Now that the other lift was no longer at the ground floor, Julian's lift doors opened - revealing a very frightened little boy in tears!

I'm laughing as I recall the incident, but it was far from funny (especially for Julian) at that time! :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poor Julian! I guess this happen to many kids who stay in apartment. Same to Gabriel. After that incident, he never walk into the lift till we walk in first :)

Chui Ying