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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Justin at 30 Months

Justin turned 30 months on 25 January 2012. He went for his regular check up at the clinic on 1 February 2012. He now weighs 12.9kg and is 96cm tall.

Here are his updates:
  • He now likes to ask "Who give?" wanting to know the giver of a particular item especially when he gets something new. When we say 'Mummy/Daddy bought' or '[person] give', he would then respond "Thank you Mummy/Daddy/[person]". Another favourite question is "What that?".
  • When he sees or hears a plane in the sky, he would now ask "What name?" (copying what Julian used to do).
  • He has picked up lots of phrases from Julian. One which he particularly likes is "clap (f)or me!", after which he will bow :-)
  • Recently Mummy decided to teach him 21-29 using the calendar. After teaching him 21-23, he could continue reciting the numbers 24-29 by himself! Mummy is so proud! :-)
  • Sometimes Daddy tries to teach Justin how to pronounce words properly. This could be rewarding *clap, clap* or frustrating ;-)
    Justin: or-mas
    Daddy: No, not or-mas... THO-mas.
    Justin: or-mas
    Daddy: Justin say 'Tho'
    Justin: mas
    Daddy: No, Justin, say 'Tho'
    Justin: mas
    After a few attempts, Daddy 'gives up' ;-)
  • Although his vocabulary and language acquisition has improved a lot, his articulation is still not very clear. He gets frustrated when we can't decipher what he is trying to tell us.
  • He is now willing to sit on the potty or the toilet bowl to do his business. Very often he only tells us AFTER he has done his business. Even then, he wants to sit on the potty/toilet bowl. Previous attempts (for the past 2.5 years) have failed miserably - he would stop his business completely as soon as he is put on the potty!
[What happened to my bottle?]

[Multi-tasking: Checking out a passion fruit while on the throne]

[Justin competing with Mummy's tummy]

[Justin enjoying a book with Tua Ee]

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