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Monday, May 04, 2009

Our 5th Anniversary

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on 1 May 2009 (Labour Day holiday).

We abandoned our initial dim sum breakfast plan because of the crowd and settled for a hawker style breakfast at a quiet coffee shop on Anson Road. Then we took Julian to the Youth Park for the first time. He had a wonderful time there at the playground. There's even a little public water park which we never knew existed! No, we didn't let Julian in.

[Julian getting the "hang" of it]

Lunch was one simple plate of chicken rice shared among the three of us :-) Meant for Julian (we were both still quite full from breakfast) but he refused it. Then it was back home for Julian's siesta.

In the evening we took Julian for a swim at the apartment pool. Of course he enjoyed himself immensely.

Dinner was at Shenanigans Irish Pub and Restaurant in Tg Tokong. It was really lovely. We had the BBQ Pork Ribs (RM30) and the Deluxe Burger (RM18). Both were absolutely yummy! For drinks we had their Tropical Sunset (RM10) and Banana Belafonte (RM11). Also very yummy :-) We also liked the ambience at the restaurant.

[Dinner at Shenanigans]

BBQ Pork Ribs
[BBQ Pork Ribs]

Deluxe Burger
[Deluxe Burger]

Later that night we continued our tradition of lighting our Unity Candle and saying our Anniversary Prayer. Julian didn't join us this year - his battery was flat ;-) He'd had a busy day...

Unity Candle 2009
[Lighting of our Unity Candle 2009]


KittyCat said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! I think lighting the unity candle is a nice touch. We're already approaching our 9th so I guess it's too late to start LOL

Maybe I'll start something like that on our 10th Anniversary and see how it goes with the other half!

huisia said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! Woo, lighting up the candle and said the prayer, that's definitely special!

baby girl diary said...

tahniah diucapkan

YuNiq said...

Happy Anniversary!