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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stacking Sensation

Julian's latest fascination is stacking objects. He would exclaim "oo" or "oooh" when doing so. This can occupy him for quite a while (for now).

Julian stacking stuff
[Stacking stuff]

He is now able to climb onto the dining chair by himself (horror of horrors!). He also likes to sit on the chair like an adult.

On the gourmet front, it's a good thing he likes feeding himself because we can sometimes get him to eat something he has rejected from us by letting him feed himself with it :-)

Speech-wise, he is fond of saying "moe" (mole) and "knog, knog" (knock, knock). "Ba" is 'Barney' and many things are "pak" to him (including Mummy!). Funny thing is he seems able to say "mama" when he can't see, but wants mummy. When mummy is present physically, he would never call mama!

1 comment:

huisia said...

my eli loves to do it lately too,found that both of them have a lot of similarities.