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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008 Proceedings

This year's Christmas was spent in Penang. Mum & Dad came up from Menglembu. In the morning we attended mass at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, where we sang in the choir. Julian was in the care of Ah Kong & Poh Poh who were also up in Penang.

We had Christmas lunch at Sea Palace Restaurant in Taman Pekaka. Dessert was home-baked date cake :-)

We opened presents and rested at home in the afternoon so Julian could have a nap. In the evening, we had dinner at New World Park.

Our presents
[Our presents]

Julian's bicycle
[Julian's bicycle from Ah Kong & Poh Poh. Grandpa & Grandma got Julian a remote control car]

Julian's rocking horse
[Julian's rocking horse]

Fun at New World Park
[At New World Park]

1 comment:

KittyCat said...

Merry Christmas! We heard you singing during last Sunday's mass :)

By the way, interested in a Read-A-Book-A-Month Challenge?

Happy New Year!!!