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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sun Cafe and USSR Restaurant Langkawi

During our recent trip to Langkawi, we had our Saturday (20 September 2008) lunch at Sun Cafe at Sunmall, Pantai Tengah. It belongs to the same group of companies as Sunset Beach Resort where we stayed.

We tried their cheese burger (RM17) and Hawaiian Pizza (RM20).

Sun Cafe
[Sun Cafe]

Cheese Burger
[Sun Cafe Cheese Burger]

Hawaiian Pizza
[Hawaiian Pizza]

The food is on the pricey side but the food was delicious! Furthermore, we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere and the staff was friendly.

Later that night, we had our new-found Swedish friends join us for dinner at USSR Restaurant. It's located at the Telaga Habour Park, Pantai Kok. The interior of the restaurant was decorated with Russian-themed memorablia which were quite interesting. However, we were seated outdoors so that we could enjoy the view of the pier and the boats.

We ordered Borsh - a Russian soup made with beetroot (RM18), Kaurdak - a lamb dish cooked with green pepper, onions and potatoes (RM29), Yaroslavna - chicken steak covered with cheese (RM29), and iced lemon tea (RM6).

USSR Restaurant
[USSR Restaurant]




Since Russian restaurants are not commonly found neither in Langkawi nor in Penang, we enjoyed our dining experience here even though it was expensive.

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