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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Julian at 16 Months

Julian turned 16 months last Sunday (28 September 2008).

In the last month, another premolar seemed to have erupted making a total of 12 teeth. Another thing we noticed about one of his incisors is that it has two edges. So, it seems that he has a "twin" incisor. On the plus side, his drooling has lessened somewhat for the time being.

We also noticed that he recognises quite a number of things besides his face parts. You see, we bought him a nursery rhyme book and we had been pointing out to him various objects such as "ducK", "bridge", "baby", "cat", "clock", etc. He has managed, in return, to point back to us when we ask him "where is" something. He could also associate a particular nursery rhyme with certain actions. For This Little Piggy, he would point to his fingers as if he wants us to play the This Little Piggy tickling game with him. For Row, Row, Row Your Boat, he would stretch out his hands getting ready to do some rowing actions.

On the talking front, he has yet to call us Mummy or Daddy. But he has learnt to say a new word recently, that is "turtle".

Nursery Rhyme
[Time for Nursery Rhymes]

Julian at 16 months
[Julian at 16 months]

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