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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Schwabing Haus Inn Cameron Highlands

During our recent holiday in Cameron Highlands, we had lunch at Schwabing Haus Inn, a Swiss-German restaurant.

Our order: one medium Pork Knuckles, Ribs, and Belly (RM62 - for 2 persons) and a combo of three sausages - Bratwurst (ring shaped), veal, and Hungarian (spicy pork) (RM40).

Porky Platter
[Pork Knuckles, Ribs, and Belly]

Sausage Combo
[Combo of Three Sausages]

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant could have been better - the walls smelled of cigarette smoke and we have seen better scoured and scrubbed eateries. Fortunately, the food was not bad.

Nevertheless, we still had a bone to pick. We were charged an additional RM2 for the sauce of each dish! It was noted on the menu that home made sauce cost RM2, but little did we realise that it was a compulsory charge! Plus, saukraut with ham was heaped onto us at RM3 (usual price RM8) without prior consent. We were informed of the 'offer' when the food came.


Anonymous said...

They seem to do this to everyone. I got "conned" too.

Anonymous said...

we was eaten in de Schwabing Haus Inn Geman swiss in the cameron highlands.
It was dirty, on the floor and on the table they were ant.
We had a salad du Chef : in the salad we had ant and the cheese wasn't good. So we didn't eat this. On the top of the salad it had à egg it wasn't good cooked.
After this we had "Zürcher Geschnetzeltes" with rösti: the chiken wasn't cooked in off and the rösti was brurn....
So we ate nothing and go in an oder restorant.
So we didn't recommend this restorant...


amalzahara said...

hello, my name is mohd Amal. worked as a police officer. RMP. I was in the house for rent in Schwabing Haus Inn restaurant. I want to explain, that the Schwabing Haus Inn restaurant a little bit dirty, but the restaurant is now more advanced and restaurant owner is a person who is responsible. as a friend, I recommend to tourists and visitors to feel cuisine and service in the Schwabing Haus Inn. CLEAN AND VERY SATISFACTORY. HAPPY TRYING!