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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sabah The Thirteenth (Part 3)

On the fourth day of our stay in Sabah (18 May 2006), we rented a car and took a drive. Main destinaton: Kinabalu Park to see the highest peak in South East Asia. Along the way, we made a couple of interesting stops...

Stop 1: Tamu at Telipok
This is considered a 'small' tamu (compared to Kota Belud, which only opens on Sundays) but there was a good variety of things to see. After feasting our eyes, we decided to sample some local fare...

[Lepat Jagung from the Tamu at Telipok]

Stop 2: Tamparuli
Here, there's a fairly long suspension bridge across the river. A walk on it is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

[Bart on the bridge]

Main destination: Kinabalu Park

When we arrived, the weather was cloudy and the mountain top was hiding behind thick clouds. Somewhat disappointed, we drove on to visit the Poring Hot Springs, stopping on the way for lunch at Kundasang. This little town with temperate climate (like Camerons) offers a variety of flowers and vegetables. Fortunately or unfortunately, we had to wait out the rain at Poring so we only had time to see the hot water pools. (There's a waterfall nearby but requires some trekking...)

[Poring Hot Springs]

I think the rain must have been a blessing cos as we headed back, Dad suddenly noticed Kinabalu peak-ing out at us!! :-) Yippee!!! Our trip was not in vain after all... :-) After the customary photo shoots, we headed back for the city, stopping at Pekan Nabalu on the way to buy some pineapples (our guide the previous day told us pineapples here were sweet).

[Mount Kinabalu]

[Another view of the Roof of South East Asia]

[Pekan Nabalu Pineapples]

On our final day (19 May 2006), we took the opportunity to visit some places in KK which we couldn't get to on foot: The Sacred Heart Cathedral was gorgeous, the Tun Mustapa Building (Sabah Foundation Building) gave us a good view of the city and the islands beyond, and Tanjung Aru Beach was lovely.

After that, it was time to bid farewell to the Land Below the Wind... we shall return...


pelf said...

Did you go to Tanjung Aru Beach at night? It was awesome, wasn't it? :)) said...

Thanks Angie & Bart! Of the three parts, I think this is tame enough for my bunch of sea-air-any movement also sick males.