Sunday, June 04, 2006

Influenced by Influenza

No, we did not let an east european lady con us of our money or something like that but we were really knocked out by some mean bug.

I started feeling funny during the weekend of the 13-14 May but recovered to enjoy a nice holiday during the week. After our holiday, Angie caught the bug quite badly starting from 22 May (don't know if it was from me or from the holiday). She struggled for almost a week. Then, on the night of 26 May, I got the bug really badly and it lasted for a whole week. Was having 39.5C fever for a few days.

Finally, we are both, our (almost) normal selves, again.

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pelf said...

It must be the weather. I was down for a couple of days too :(( Drink more water (hopefully it helps)..