Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Friends

We have new friends in the apartment.

Meet Sabrina, Kelly, Jeremy the Giraffe and the A&W Great Root Bear. Sabrina and Kelly were named after our recent trip to Sabah and KL. Thanks Mom for introducing them to us :o).

We were somewhat disappointed to learn that the name of the bear is Great Root Bear. What a name...! Think we'll call him AndreW.

[L to R: Jeremy, Kelly, Sabrina and AndreW]


KittyCat said...

Jeremy the Giraffe is SO cute! Where did you get it from? May wanna get one for Lucas...

Bart said...

Hi, Kittycat... we got Jeremy from UDA Ocean in KL (Chinatown area). But according to the label, he's made in Penang by a company along Jalan Jelutong (World of Dandee) :o)