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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Penang Bridge 'Disappears'

Since May 2004, we saw an apartment block (new quarters of the Customs Department) being built facing our apartment balcony. Little by little the beautiful view of the Penang Bridge and Bukit Pemancar was blocked. The past 2 weeks were 'heart wrenching' for us as the middle span of the bridge was finally obscured by the opaqueness of the concrete structure. We now only have photos to remind us of the good times.

Dear Middle Span of Penang Bridge, you will be missed...

[May 2004: You were so beautiful... but what are those piling machines doing there?]

[July 2005: Still beautiful... hopefully it doesn't go higher than this]

[January 2006: Oh! Dear Middle Span... you are out of sight... but not out of mind :o(]


ks said...

Nevermind Bart. Maybe next time can see the 2nd link from!

Janice said...

Wow..That's fast...wonder what else has changed in Penang?...