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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Making My Mark?

It's exam season and I am in marking mode/mood *grumble mumble*. Thankfully I am sharing the teaching load and I have only to mark half of questions in the 100 scripts. I admit, this is not much but it is still called 'marking'.

Okay, enough of my whining... would like to draw your attention to a family tradition post on Ying and Niq's Niche. It gives you an idea of what happens when the family gets together for a spin in Pusing. Make heads turn, or tilt, doesn't it?


yvy said...

me again....i think i know you. were u part of the organizing team for choice 46? i was in it n if so, soon i will see u again in the CEE - the march class. so save 2 spots for me yar? :)

Bart said...

No, was never involved with Choice. God willing, we'll see you in March 2006 :o)

yvy said...

hhmmm...weird, must have seen u SOMEHWERE.....o well, till march then. ;)