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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back-to-back Birthdays

We celebrated a string of birthdays within a one-week period during the last week of October.

Two weekends ago, we celebrated Mummy's birthday with seafood dinner at Bukit Tambun by the river. We ordered two giant mantis prawns, soft-shelled crabs, deepfried baby squid, shell fish (tharn) and noodles. The soft-shelled crabs were of good size with quite a lot of meat.

Last weekend, we were back in Ipoh to celebrate my Dad and Niq's birthdays. We brought home two homemade date cakes to celebrate the occasion. On Saturday night, we had dinner at Fu Lim Restaurant. Two uncles and their wives also joined us. We had dry-fried prawns, a huge steamed haruan fish, soft-shelled crabs, pork ribs in red wine sauce, belacan kangkung and mixed vegetables. We had two bottles of wine to wash it all down.

Our camera is still being serviced, hence no photos. I am suffering from shutterbug withdrawal syndrome. Have to press a shutter release button sometime soon or else... *cold sweat*

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

Hey, tell me more about the giant mantis prawn. I so longed to try it...