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Monday, November 21, 2005

Back in Business

This is something we bought at the Batu Lanchang market. It looks like a vegetable from outer-space. Can't remember the name, so we'll call it the Disc Vege for now...

[Space-age Vege: What will they think of next?]

For dinner tonight, we had fried fusilli with pork chunks, carrots and capsicum. Long time no publish food photo, so drool!

[Fried Fusilli: Italy in China in Malaysia]

Wait a minute... where did these photos come from? It's from a NEW DIGITAL SLR CAMERA! *GRIN* *beaming* After cold sweating for 2 months, we decided that enough was enough! After ogling at various models, weighing the pros and cons, and doing a sitting-on-the-fence pocket burning assessment, we decided on an Olympus E-500. *applause* *bow, bow* :oD


5xmom said...

Wah...that Olympus! Nice, nice! Can see even more beautiful pics.

yvy said...


good good!! :) but must have been $$ lar...olympus mah, can i know how much?

Bart said...

5xmom: Yes, this is the Olympus with a pentaprism hump :o)

yvy: The price is as low as RM2950 (kit only, i.e. body, 1 lens, 1 battery + charger, and some minor accessories... no extra battery, no memory card)

Nicholas said...

Congratulations! Bet you are loving it like mad. Don't forget about Angie, OK? ;-)

Peter & Gladys Liew said...

congrats bro ... new camera lor .. envy you lor :0