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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oven Fresh

Today is a public holiday in Penang. No need to go to work... :-)

So, after lunch, I indulged in a little baking spree. Oven menu for today: Bread Pudding followed by yo-yo biscuits. The last batch of biscuits have just come out of the oven and all the goodies are sitting on the dining table cooling down as I write this blog :-) Total baking time: about 2 hours 20 minutes *beaming with pride* Good time for me since it usually takes about 2 hours to complete one baking project. Today I've got two items out!

Fresh from the oven...

[Bread Pudding]

[Yoyo biscuits]

[Bread Pudding: Seconds before entering a certain oral cavity]


Peter & Gladys Liew said...

Angie, the Yoyo biscuits looks yummy .. when can we try it out .. ??

Anonymous said...

I want some yo-yo biscuit please.. :)


KittyCat said...

The bread pudding looks very delicious! I bet it didn't survive the outside world for long...
We didn't know you're such a baking wonder, Angie! Recipe or better yet, a helping please? ;-)

Christine & Raphael