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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Love Fruit

During our past two trips to Cameron Highlands, we bought some buah cinta (love fruit). Some people call it the hill tomato as its flesh has a tomato-ish texture. Taste-wise it is sourish with a delicate aromatic sweetish taste. Angie doesn't quite like it because it is sour but I quite like it.

Yee Yee told us that she has seen this fruit in Australia and it is called tamarillo. After doing a simple search on the internet, apparently, it was once considered "a lost food of the Incas". It has been renamed and commercialised in New Zealand. For more information, you can check out this site.

[Fruit d'Amour: Probably named as such because of its shape... like a heart]

1 comment:

Big BoK said...

Interesting.. but i donch think i've tried it before. Looks like another type of fruit i know.. but can't remember the name.