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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Highland Workshop

Over the weekend, we attended a Catholic Engaged Encounter Workshop held at the KRS Pines Retirement Home in Cameron Highlands. The workshop was facilitated by Fr. Ambrose Vaz, and Connie and Lewis Shan from Singapore. Thirteen of us, including the facilitators, attended the workshop.

In between sessions, we had steamboat dinner at You Hoo restaurant in Brinchang, visited the Brinchang Night Market, and had a durian party on Saturday night. Before we left this afternoon, we stopped at Kea Farm.

[See-through Lift: Interesting machine at the Home]

[Fun with Food: Fr. Ambrose digs in...]

[Cool Contrast: No sweat at this night market]

[Satay Strawberries: You can coat these with honey, sugar or chocolate]

[Delirious over Durians: Finger licking good...]

[Dried Flowers at Kea Farm]

Angie left Camerons feeling unwell and uncomfortable (headache and nausea). She is feeling much better now and is resting/sleeping as I write.

More photos available at CEE's Photo Album and Peter and Gladys' Blog.


Peter & Gladys Liew said...

woh so fast upload photo in blog lor .. hehehe .. we all really enjoy this trip. btw, my blog also ready liao .. see ya and my regards to Angie

Anonymous said...

Wat an interesting trip..! glad you had a good time..! i could use some durian here.. :)


5xmom said...

Nausea? Good news? Heeheehee, can't help kpc.