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Friday, May 15, 2015

Justin at 69 Months

Justin turned 69 months old on 25 April 2015. Here's what he's been up to...

While driving to dinner after mass, Daddy was singing the chorus of one of the songs sung during mass...
Daddy: Lord, I give you my heart, I give you my soul...
Justin: Stop, Daddy. That's crazy!
Daddy: Why? What's crazy?
Justin: The words are crazy!
Daddy: Why?
Justin: You can't give your soul to somebody.
Daddy: Do you know what a soul is?
Justin: It's the part of the body under the foot.
Daddy: ???

Justin was playing with some jenga-type blocks and pretended they were nuts. After a while something new dawned upon him and we heard him declare, "Nut juice!"

Recently taking an interest in the chinese zodiac (and somewhat obsessed with people's age)...
Justin: What animal was Tua Ee (eldest Aunt) born on?
Mummy: Tua Ee wasn't born on any animal...

[Justin with a huge pomegranate]

[More funny faces from Justin]

[The shirt need a stretch!]

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