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Friday, May 15, 2015

Jianna at 37 Months

Jianna turned 37 months old on 30 April 2015.

Jianna and Justin were playing hide-and-seek one evening. At one point, it was Justin's turn to hide but Jianna had difficulty finding him. So Justin made some noise to give Jianna a clue.
Mummy: Where's that noise coming from?
Jianna: From Justin's mouth!
Mummy: ???

On one of the mornings (during the 'challenge' of getting Justin and Jianna ready for school)...
Jianna: You cannot play with fire. Only Daddy and Mummy can... cook, cook, cook...
Me: Yes, cook for whom to eat?
Jianna: Julian and Justin.
Me: What about Jianna? Does Jianna eat the food?
Jianna: Yes.
Me: Where does the food come from?
Jianna: From the plate.
Me: How did the food get into the plate?
Jianna: It jumped into the plate.

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