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Sunday, August 25, 2013

KL with the Kids: Day 4

On the morning of Day 4 (12 April 2013) of our KL holiday we hopped onto the LRT to KLCC. First stop was to visit Petrosains. The kids were quite keen to try out the exhibits and it was overall quite fun. They liked the digger exhibit as well as the sand machine with conveyor belts and pulleys.

[Off to KLCC on the LRT]

[The boys have always been facinated by fountains]

[Justin transferring charge from the plasma tube to flourescent tube]

[Mirror, mirror, on the wall...]

[The boys filling the bucket with sand]

After lunch, we visited Aquaria. The visit this time was better than our previous visit three years ago. Timing was good as well because we caught a fish feeding session. The kids also enjoyed the acrylic tunnel.

[Wow! So many fish!]

[Jianna's close encounter with the catfish]

After KLCC, we braved the after-office-hour jam to have dinner with friends at Setia Walk in Puchong. A great way to end our KL holiday.

[The boys exploring Setia Walk]

It was back to Penang the next day (13 April 2013).

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