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Monday, June 17, 2013

KL with the Kids: Day 3

Day 3 (11 April 2013) of our KL holiday saw us at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong at about 10am. The plan was to do the canopy walk and then meet up with WY for a picnic at the FRIM picnic site at about 11.30am. Alas, little did we realise that we would need to do quite a fair bit of trekking before even getting to the canopy walkway. Given the time constraint, and with 3 kids in tow, we decided not to proceed. But venture into the jungle we did, just a bit.

[Julian with the giant yam]

[Jungle Jianna]

After the mini jungle trek, we had a picnic by the stream. The kids (the boys especially) had fun playing in the water with the toys WY brought for them. WY also cooked up a storm with delicious spaghetti and meatballs, mash potatoes and edamame beans.

[Picnic at FRIM]

[Our picnic lunch]

[Justin at the picnic]

After FRIM, we headed back to the city to pick JL in Brickfields at about 2.30pm. We then headed to the Lake Gardens.

[A family photo at the Lake Gardens (photo by JL)]

[At the Deer Park in the Lake Gardens]

After the Deer Park, we went to the KL Bird Park at about 3.45pm. The kids found it quite fascinating to have some of the birds roaming and flying around so close to them. There were many peacocks, chickens and cattle egrets around the main entrance. However, Julian was startled when a peacock pecked at his pants. The highlight of the visit was when we saw a little chick being pecked by a peacock, carried off by a flying cattle egret and then dropped on the floor. We rescued the chick just in time before it was harmed further but not before being threatened with an attack by the cattle egret. We carried the chick to the souvenir shop where it was put in a box to be handed over to the staff-in-charge. The boys were absolutely thrilled by the rescue operation.

[A family photo at the Bird Park (photo by JL)]

[Julian keeping an eye on a peacock while a cattle egret looks on]

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