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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Justin at 46 Months

Justin turned 46 months old on 25 May 2013.

Here are some updates:
  • Just before the school holidays, he resisted going to kindy. He said he didn't like going to kindy because the teachers "scolded" him. However, we thought he was making up excuses because he seemed to be naming the nicest of teachers as those who "scolded" him. Anyway, all was well when the holiday programme at kindy started.
  • He sometimes tries to be nice to Jianna, but is often quite rough. He likes lifting her by putting his arms under her arms and around her chest but we try to discourage him because he seems rather unstable. Jianna doesn't seem to complain though.
Having recently watched the movie Up, we asked Justin whether he liked the show:
Daddy: Justin, did you like Up, the movie?
Justin: Ya... the skin of the house can go high up in the sky!
Daddy: ?!?!

[Justin reading a book]


[Justin doing a crawl]

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