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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Jianna at 10 Months

Jianna turned 10 months old on 30 January 2013. Here are her updates:
  • She can wave "bye bye" when instructed. She can nod her head for "yes", and shake her head for "no".
  • She can give a "flying kiss" although she just puts her hand to her mouth.
  • Prefers eating solids to drinking milk. So, at day care, she's given porridge or cereal once or twice daily. Over the weekends, she even eats rice with some toufu or egg yolk.
  • Now that she can stand by herself, she has progressed to walking while holding our hands. She had even tried taking one step by herself.
  • Her two upper front incisors, and bottom left incisor made their appearance this month.
  • We discovered she can drink from a straw.
[Jianna standing by herself]


[Jianna guarding the bookshelf]

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