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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Baby Sunbird

During lunchtime on 1 February 2013, I happened to be back home when I heard a persistent chirping of a sunbird. I thought one had perched itself somewhere on our balcony and was desperately trying to attract attention. Each time I parted the curtains in an effort to locate it, the chirping would stop, only to resume a little later.

Eventually, I noticed that the chirping seemed to be coming from within the living room. After some careful searching, I found a baby olive-backed sunbird hiding in the television cabinet.

I tried using a cloth rag to try to gently move it away but it then landed into one of the children's toybox. Then, it flew to the balcony and perched itself just under the railing. It appeared to be fledging. After some hopping around, it dropped off the balcony. Hopefully it managed to fly.

All the best to you, little birdy!

[The baby sunbird in the television cabinet]

[In the toybox]

[The baby sunbird on the balcony]

[Another shot of the baby sunbird]


YuNiq said...

You have a special fate with birds :-)

Judyjubili said...

So beautiful God's creation. We should always instill in our children's mind and heart the beauty of God's creation