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Friday, January 20, 2012

Julian at 55 Months

Julian turned 55 months (4 years 7 months) on 28 December 2011.

Here are his updates:
  • He sometimes turns the conversation around to favour him. For instance, instead of volunteering to do something, he'll ask us to ask him to do it (e.g. "You say 'Julian press G'"). Then, he'll ask us to say 'thank you' ("Now say 'thank you'"). He's now 'teaching' us what we taught him!
  • He likes to play the role of 'teacher' to Justin as well, teaching little bro to say words, phrases and sentences. A typical lesson would go something like this:
    Julian: Justin, say 'we'...
    Justin: we...
    Julian: are...
    Justin: are...
    Julian: going...
    Justin: going...
    Julian: home!
    Justin: home!
    Julian: Now say 'We are going home!'
    Justin: We are going home!
    Julian: Good!
  • Sometimes he wants to dictate how we respond. For example when he spots an aeroplane in the sky and points it out to us, we would often respond "oh yes, it's an aeroplane." He would then 'correct' us - "Say, 'You're right!'"
  • When we ask him to choose between two things, he often chooses both! E.g.
    Mummy/Daddy: Julian, when you grow up do you want to be a pilot or a teacher?
    Julian: Pilot and teacher.
[Julian and his funny thoughts]

[Julian being cheeky]

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