Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweets From All Over

We were recently given some interesting foodstuff to try. We were given some desserts from Iraq: mann al-sama (manna from heaven - tasted like a soft nougat), sohan (a pistachio brittle spiced with saffron), and naher khoz (crumbly texture and tasted of peanuts). Then we tried some bika ambon (something like our local bee-hive cake), and coffee from Medan. Closer to home, we were given some delicious tarts from Kampar, Perak. Finally, we tried a kind of wafer, and cake from China.

Iraq sweets
[Iraqi sweets, clockwise from right: Mann Al-Sama, Sohan, and Naher Khoz.]

Bika ambon
[Bika Ambon]

Medan coffee
[Medan coffee]

Kampar tarts
[Tarts from Kampar]

China round wafer
[Round wafer with filling]

China eight cakes
[Beijing Eight Cakes]