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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Julian at 49 months

Julian turned 49 months old on 28 June 2011.

Here are his updates:
  • He likes to help around the house, e.g. helping Mummy do the laundry and put away clothes, help to beat eggs for steaming, etc.
  • Lately he has problems with his shirt labels, insisting that he wants them removed.
  • He is fond of identifying the "silent E" in words.
  • He wants Mummy/Daddy to be "happy". Sometimes when he's naughty, we'd tell him, "Mummy/Daddy is angry" and he'll get upset, insisting we're "happy".
  • When he does things right, he'll proclaim, "I'm strong!!"
  • We've been pointing out fruiting trees to Julian such as rambutans, cikus, coconuts, bananas, papayas, and durians, and also that rambutans turn red when ripe, etc. Now, when we're out in the car, we get an earful from him pointing out one tree after another and whether or not the fruit turns red, yellow, orange, or brown!
  • He's hooked on Angry Birds.

Julian at Stella Maris
[Julian at Stella Maris]

Julian stacking soft toys
[Julian stacking soft toys]

Julian stacking containers
[Julian stacking containers]

Julian's funny face
[Julian makes a funny face]

Julian under a coconut tree
[Julian under a coconut tree at Straits Quay]

Julian with training chopsticks
[Julian eating with training chopsticks]


giddy tigress said...

Excellent chopsticks skills, Julian! Is he picking up grapes?

MeRy said...

handsome boy..

Angie said...

giddy tigress: yes, grapes in halves and apple cubes:-)