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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Penang Hill in the Rain

We took the boys for their maiden ascent up Penang Hill on 14 May 2011. It was our first trip on the new coaches.

The weather was good when we arrived at the foot of the hill at about 11am and there was no queue at the ticket counter. But everything else practically went "down hill" from then on.

We had to wait about 45 minutes (it was a weekend) before we could board the train for the 15-minute ride up. The ride up was smooth and comfortable in the new air-conditioned coaches. Shortly after we arrived at the hilltop, it started to drizzle. As it was about the boys' mealtime, we fed them buns that we brought along as the foodcourt was under construction and there weren't many stalls in the temporary location.

After about 20 minutes we decided that we should leave. So, after getting a couple of coconut leaf grasshoppers as souvenirs (RM1 each), we caught the train down without having to wait for long. On the way down, it started to rain very heavily. We were subsequently rained-in at the station. After nearly an hour, the rain was light enough for me to make a dash for the car and return to fetch Angie and the boys.

Julian in the coach
[Julian in the coach]

View from the top station
[View from the top station]

Big Bukit Bendera sign
[Customary photo]

Mummy and the boys
[Another customary photo]

Coconut leaf grasshoppers
[Coconut leaf grasshoppers]

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