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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Justin at 22 Months

Justin turned 22 months on 25 May 2011.

Here are his updates:
  • He's gradually getting back into his bottle milk routine, almost always finishing 4 oz again. However, we noticed that he likes it earlier in the night and he does better when he's drinking in front of the computer *slap head*. Our primary objective now is to get him to drink... deal with the computer bit later...
  • He can say 'stop' with hand action, 'tuck' (truck), 'ep' (help), 'mao' (mouth), ear, yellow, purple, 'dek yu' (thank you), 'beck' (black), bag, and 'shish' (fish).
  • He sometimes dilly-dallies just before entering the apartment door. So, we resort to counting from one to three and he complies.
  • He likes to line up vehicles, push them, and say 'teet-teet' (imitating Thomas the Tank Engine's whistle).
  • He sometimes gasps when he sees something exciting... real drama king...

Toys in line
[Toys in line]

Banana time
[Banana time!]

Mummy lifting Justin
[Mummy giving Justin a lift]

Justin swimming
[Justin in the pool]

Drama king
[Justin the Drama King]

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