Friday, March 13, 2009

Senior Citizen Association Cafeteria

Last Thursday (5 March 2009) saw us at the Senior Citizen Association cafeteria along Jalan D.S. Ramanathan (formerly Scott Road). It's a quaint little eatery at the back of the main bungalow. They have a limited menu, specialising in chinese, nyonya, and western food.

We tried some of their signature dishes: roti babi (a thick deep-fried vegetable and meat sandwich) (RM3.50 each), choon pneah (spring roll) (RM3.50 each), mee jawa (RM3.50), and mee sua tao (mee sua in thick soup which tastes like shark-fin soup) (RM5.00).

Senior Citizen Association cafe
[The cafeteria]

Roti babi & choon pneah
[Roti babi (L) and choon pneah (R)]

Mee jawa
[Mee java]

Mee sua tao
[Mee sua tao]

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