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Friday, January 26, 2007

Fast Food

This past week, we have been having unique fast-cooking dinners. These photos just cannot do justice to how good they actually smell and taste :o).

On Tuesday (23 January 2007), we had kiu nyuk-flavoured chicken, claypot style. Firstly, a sauce consisting of finely chopped garlic, five spice powder and red fermented beancurd (tau joo in Hokkien or lam yee in Hakka/Cantonese) was prepared. Chicken chunks were then marinated in the sauce and later put into a pot of cooking rice. When the rice is done, so is the chicken. Voila!

[Kiu Nyuk-flavoured Chicken, Claypot style: Can you smell the kiu nyuk aroma?]

On Wednesday and Thursday (24 & 25 January 2007), we had fried macaroni with pepper-flavoured chicken chunks.

[Fried Macaroni with chicken and potatoes]

Today, we had macaroni with tuna and cheese.

[Macaroni with Tuna and Cheese: Fishy, creamy and tangy]

On another note, I am impelled to announce that Angie started marking exam scripts yesterday (Thursday). Enough said.

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