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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Culinary Classic and Cleaver Cut

About two weeks ago, we enjoyed two traditional dishes. The first was 'chi gu' in Hokkien (or 'ngar gu' in Hakka or Cantonese) with roast pork and leek. The chi gu (related to the popular water chestnut) is usually available during the chinese new year but they are available early this time around

[Chi Gu Siew Bak: A Chinese New Year Classic]

While my mom was around during Gabriel's birth, she made some 'dao ma chet'. It's something like 'ban meen' but instead of being cut machanically, it's painstakingly cut using a cleaver into noodle-like strips before being cooked in thick soup. The soup has onions, anchovies and pieces of pork. Presumably, this is the traditional Pusing Hakka recipe.

[Cleaver Cut: Lip smacking good *slurp*]


5xmom said...

Seegoo (my way of spelling) is available already? Woohoo. I like! Steam it with meat, cut chilies, taucheo and garlic. Best.

BTW, tag!

Have fun recalling the childhood food.

Nicholas said...

What's the yellow thing in the cleaver-cut noodles?

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