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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Leisurely Langkawi

On Sunday (25 Sept 2005) we took an early morning ferry up north. Destination: Langkawi
Accommodation: Awana Porto Malai
Transport on island: rented car (Thanks for your help, Peter)
Camera: courtesy of Nicholas (Thanks, Niq)

[Awana Porto Malai: a pleasant stay...]

First activity: Island Hopping
Review: Good. We took the package organised by the hotel which took us to Tasik Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah, as well as to watch eagles feeding.

[Tasik Dayang Bunting: Note how the hills resemble a pregnant woman lying down...]

[Eagle Feeding: The eagles feast on chicken skin...]

On Monday, we took a round-island drive.
Location 1: Gunung Mat Cincang. This is where the cable car is located. Quite a scary experience because of the height. Plus, the wind was quite strong so the gondola was swaying quite a bit. Not too kind on the heart, but exciting nevertheless. There was also a large suspension brigde. As you walk across it, you can experience the extremely strong winds blowing across the mountains.

[Suspension Brigde: Fear Factor in Langkawi]

Location 2: Pebble Beach. Most of the beach here is covered with pebbles instead of the customary sand one associates with beaches. Where we stopped, however, there was some sand. The fascinating thing is the colour of the sand was orangy - something like laterite.

[Pebble Beach]

Location 3: Black Sand Beach. What can I say... the sand was black... BUT there was some 'contamination' to the sand... the sea brought some regular-coloured beach sand to the shore, but if you scrape that sand, as I'm doing in the picture, you'll see that it's only on the surface... the real sand on the beach is... BLACK...!!! ;-)

[Black Sand Beach]

Location 4: Tanjung Rhu. Rhu is Malay for Casuarina. So, obviously there were lots of casuarina trees here, and there was a wide area of sand. Good for telematches...

Location 5: Hot Spring.

[Ayer Hangat: Natural Hot Water available... ;-)]

Location 6: Kuah town. Last minute shopping before leaving for home... chocolates and booze were our focus...


Anonymous said...


When we went to Gunung Mat Cincang last time, there was no suspension bridge yet. It looks very scary!!!Sure I will not walk across. In fact, when we went up the hill by cable car, I didn't open my eyes at all and sweating all the way, cause I was sitting on the site that face down hill.. :-)

Chui Ying

5xmom said...

Eeek, the suspension bridge made my hair stand on ends and that is just looking at tiny pic. I had walked on the Taman Negara one and it still scares me. 'Cos I was afraid of a kid or two slipping through the holes. OK, Langkawi, here we come!

Peter & Gladys Liew said...

glad you and angie enjoy yourself .. sorry dun have much time to accompany you guys, but i enjoy myself with the Wine, Bracadi and Rum at our little party at Awana Porto Malai